The history


It was the year 2000, when we introduced the Press Office in our consulting activities in Business Communication, aware of the role that this tool in the field of Public Relations, at the time considered as a subspecies of advertising aimed merely at the events organization and, unfortunately, not just for trade and business, would have acquired over time.

Probably the first in our province, we have understood the strong potential of a service that would lead to the dissemination of information concerning the history and the life of companies, becoming spreader and amplifier of contents periodically provided to the editors of any kind of newspaper and field, in order to build good and profitable relationships with reporters, section editors, chief editors, trying to snatch the requests and understanding their needs.

Over the time the writing styles have changed, because the language of the printed paper is not the same as the one of the web; the methods of contact, from press conferences and to the well-known recall until the usage of today’s modern dialogue platforms of social networks (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook), the strategies of sending, by the mailing of press kit to fax and email more and more personalized, the choice of content, first in one version then in different cutting according to the types of interlocutor so as to make the communication effective.

In all these years we have grown, both in the know how of media relations, and in experience and constant updating of the dynamics and working methods, as well as a lot of path have been taken, with passion and enthusiasm to meet new challenges, and everyone always with an eye to grasp the changes and act in advance, witnesses of an evolution of the role of the Press Office, a term which is no longer fully representative of the way we work.
Media Relations Strategy reveals what distinguishes us today: a strategic approach to what is considered a service, a work style that bring us at the customer’s side, working every day with the mere aim of maintaining the control and the “govern” of outgoing information, loyal spokesmen, builders and defenders of the reputation of a brand, a business and those who represent it.