“Overseeing the world of distribution, B2C and B2B, helps to maintain high the attention on the brand”

The dialogue with the media specifically dedicated to Trade, both B2C and B2B, is essential that take place through a planning with specific goals, being an important channel and determining the success of sales.

This is a transverse activity, as it requires both a Corporate approach, working in terms of marketing content production (market data, trends, line performances, etc.) and comments by the company’s management, and a Product approach, in the promotion of new ranges, packaging or innovative technologies.

A relationship work with qualified personalities of the publication for sharing news of real interest for the newsroom and for the buyers, to validate the enterprise as a reliable source, which is accompanied by a periodic pressing by sending product news, with the aim to give maximum visibility to the brand.

Remains, even in this niche, a strategic planning in the selection and scheduling of content, tailor-made for the primary interlocutors, and of the style of writing that must be adequate and accessible from the Trade channel, so as to pursue the best feedback, both in terms of publications of notoriety, and of company and brand.

Our Press list (online and offline publications):

  • Newsletter/house organ Professional Orders
  • Specialized B2B magazines
  • Specialized GDO magazines
  • Target PROFESSIONAL magazines

Our referring contacts:

  • Head editors
  • Deputy editors
  • News editors
  • Section editors
  • Columnists


  • Drafting of in-depth press releases on market trends
  • Drafting of management comments (marketing, communication, R & D)
  • Periodic sending to editors
  • Stimulation and organization of interviews or visits in the company’s headquarter
  • Management of received requests
  • Competitors detection
  • Market data monitoring and research of possible contents of comparison