“To build, strengthen and protect the reputation of the company, and those who represent it”

Deciding to adopt a CORPORATE Press Office means having a very clear vision of the importance of the government of the relations with the media opinion leaders of the information, needed to maintain control of the reputation of the company and those who represent it (President or MD) in any market in which it operates, and promote the best consensus of all stakeholders, internal and external to the organization.

A work based on continuous dialogue with the editors, content sharing, the solicitation of interest, the timely response to interview requests, the proactive proposal of market data and periodic sentiment of trends, regulations and lifestyles review, till the immediate and prompt reaction in case of crisis.

And not only that, distinctive element of our methodology, the strategic approach in the definition and organization of a PRESS PLAN that includes, in a reasoned way and based on the different times of redaction, of the content and the objectives, so as to make of the company an authoritative and credible reference point.

Our Press list (online and offline publications):

  • Local, regional and national newspapers
  • Economic and financial daily
  • Weeklies and supplements
  • Opinion journals
  • Business, economics and finance periodical
  • Local, regional and national broadcasting TV and Radio stations

Our referring contacts:

  • Head editors
  • Deputy editors
  • News editors
  • Section editors
  • Columnists


  • Drafting of press releases, statements and sentiment
  • Periodic sending to editors
  • Stimulation and organization of interviews or visits at the company’s headquarter
  • Organizing face-to-face meetings or reserved press lunch
  • Management and filter of the requests received
  • Government of crisis situations
  • Competitors detection
  • Market data monitoring and related sources