Press office

Soluzione Group has implemented its own working methodology based on a strategic planning, a content organization by objectives, a constant results monitoring to allow the regular flow of information and to obtain the best visibility and media coverage.


These are briefly our main services:


To provide periodic sentiment and updates (balance sheet, managerial assets, etc.) to the media that generate opinion (newspapers, local, regional and national radio and television), it is important and strategic to maintain control of the reputation and prevent the risk of crisis situations. A methodical and structured work, not only reactive but also proactive, to which we wanted to dedicate a qualified journalist and media relator figure, skilled in writing style and organization of content, as well as the right way to contact important newsrooms.


The massive presence and extensiveness of retail chains, together with the role of the intermediate channel, as a discriminating factor for success in sales, especially in highly competitive markets, requires a specific work with the media, which represent them. Our policy, indeed, is not only based on periodic news sending but on content, files, interviews and focus sharing, useful in raising the profile of the company among the buyers, important representatives and real influencers in the mass consumer market, trade associations and the world of advanced services.


Supporting and promoting the maximum visibility of the product requires continuous work, with the right degree of pressing supported by a strategic approach in the dissemination and declination of the contents and the constant updating and expansion of the press list, as well as making the news “newsable” on several fronts, thanks to the different cuttings, so as to increase the opportunities for publication. This is our style, well established and of proven-success.


To operate with the Fashion & Design sector requires a strong relationship with dedicated newsroom and perfect knowledge of the dynamics of the service, completely different from the generalist or specialized media. That’s why we included in our team a specialized figure in the management of the presentation of new products or lines for the introduction in shop windows, still life or special fashion, in accordance with the timing and the work method, pursuing the best Customer brand visibility.