Press events

Integrating the continuous media relations’ activity, we support companies in the design and management of the following events dedicated to the press.

The fair is even nowadays, despite the current crisis situation, an important public moment for the company where to expose, communicate with customers and prospects, and inform about initiatives and products the media of the sector, usually present at events. Therefore it is important to be prepared to welcome journalists, prod their visits to the stand, prepare complete and up to date press kits, visit the pressroom and monitor the competitors.


Particular market conditions or significant innovations and strong interest in public of different nature, may require the need to introduce training moments where to involve primarily the media, with the role of influencer of public opinion, being them both technical and generalists. To invite journalists to informative and educational meetings, especially on the occasion of the presentation of new technologies, systems, or patents, within the company or at a dedicated location, represents an important opportunity to dialogue and contact at which you should arrived prepared, both with adequate material and speech and in handling the stage of Q & A.


Organize thematic trips, visit plants located in different territories, chain of production tours, are definitely strategic and profitable, especially in the start-up phase of the activities or when you feel the need to clarify or deepen content directly where the design and production are. Starting from the departure place until the return, it is important to meet all the expectations of the guests, from content provided to entertainment and hospitality, to start or strengthen relationships with journalists and keep high the attention about the company and implementing spaces of publication.


The change taking place in the publishing industry, which has led to a market and newsroom roles shrinking, no longer allows to include press conferences in the projects of media relations due to the possible defection or, however, the number of presence achieved, greatly lower than the past. There remain, however, the value and the strong potential of this event, to be taken into account when there are important content, particularly financial, such as changes at the top management level, divestments or acquisitions of business units, and requiring a comparison of high profile among an exceptional parterre and the most authoritative and accredited media.


When in the news are involved institutional and high-profile managerial figures and companies known by the national daily or financial newspaper, the best and refined strategy consists in organizing private meetings reserved to few qualified people, with whom converse nicely with the mere aim of starting or strengthen relations. Usually directors or editors or important journalists join these tables, a widened face to face where discourse with opinion leaders of national or international business from which to draw inspiration for articles of substance or depth. Prestigious and highly attractive locations to make it even more attractive and privileged the role of guests.