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Our work methodology in the field of Media Relations is essentially based on a specific targeted and strategic planning, in any market and at any level of notoriety the customer is.

An effective way that has allowed to achieved important results in constant growth. But it is not enough.

Many times our work is questioned, if not thrown into crisis, because of the lack of preparation of the high level corporate figures or of the spokesperson in facing difficult interviews or confront themselves with groups of journalists during press conferences or events. We have therefore developed an educational training on techniques, methods and tools to adopt a contact style, of answer and discussion, coherent with the business objectives.

The goals
Before even understanding the difference between a well-done interview and a wasted interview, one must understand what is news and how the press works.
Analyse the technique of the interview according to the media: printed paper, television or radio.
Putting ourselves in crisis in order to not to fall into crisis during a real interview: the discovery of our own limitations and strong points.

The methodology
After a first synthetic theoretical part, we move on to the exercises and simulations of interviews to see first hand the difficulties to undergo an interview. Where the company deems it useful (and it is), it requires the presence of a person of the press office or of the communication of the company that discuss with the interviewee the correctness of the answers given in the simulations.

Who participates?
The course includes the participation of one or maximum two people and is proposed into a half-day training. The “one to one” formula (usually for Managing Director or President) consist in a full-immersion training concentrated on one person and it is much more effective.