“Being able to anticipate and to interpret the modern trend is the key to be chosen”

The work of relating with the media, which dictate or influence lifestyles and periodic fashion, is completely different from the traditional activities because it requires both the know-how of relations with within newsrooms dedicated figures and the ability to evaluate, among the products offered by the companies, those who may have the right appeal to be chosen and introduced in shop-windows and fashion or still life shootings.

In this specific context, then, does not matter a detailed and articulated press plan or a content processing, but a good contact strategy that must be able to meet the time schedule of the sector, as to say the season previews, the outside fairs or the collections launch events, as the perfect organization and management of the samples sent on photo shoots. In addition to being proactive in pointing creative uses and in the placement of the represented products.

Our Press list:

  • Fashion magazines
  • Design magazines
  • Life style magazines

Our referring contacts:

  • News editors
  • Section editors
  • Stylists


  • Drafting of the final project, in terms of operations and activities timing
  • Brief meetings about content and timing of the collections
  • Products & images selection according to the intended use
  • Periodic recall for verification and solicitation
  • “One to one” meetings for reserved newsrooms presentations
  • Traffic samples government for still life, photo shoots, etc.
  • Competitors monitoring
  • Careful analysis of the services, supplements or other of the industry
  • Proactive proposing about the use of the product
  • Economic evaluation of the results